Saturday, June 28, 2008

Mr. and Mrs. Appleton

Mr. and Mrs. Appleton are a nice couple who have taken Melly in after it became known that she was living on her own in the farm adjacent to their orchard. They have a son, Jay, who is about Melly's age.

Mrs. Appleton is short and stout, and younger than Melly's mother was. She enjoys fashion magazines, romance novels, and girly things that she often tries to press on Melly. To her, Melly is the daughter she has always wanted--or will be by the time she gets through with her, as evidence by the decorating scheme she imposed on Melly's shed.

Mr. Appleton is tall and skinny, and younger than Melly's father was. He sometimes seems overly concerned about the costs of keeping Melly, which is understandable given the expense of building her a place to live, providing custom furniture, and supplying her with Melly-sized portions of food. Mr. Appleton embraces any opportunity to make money off Melly, starting with the GlomCorp sponsorship.

This character sheet will be updated as needed.

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