Saturday, June 28, 2008

Jay Appleton

Jay is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Appleton, the orchard owners who have taken Melly in after it became known that she was living on her own. Although Jay has lived next door to Melly for their entire lives, the two have never met before due to the isolation Melly's parents imposed on her in order to protect her from the outside world.

Initially Jay seems extremely fearful of Melly and does not talk to her unless forced by his parents. He later hints at knowing a secret about Melly that she doesn't want revealed.

Jay is short in stature and slight of build. Melly estimates that he's five feet tall or shorter, although she confesses to not being the best judge of heights so much smaller than her own.

Jay is about Melly's age and, if she is allowed to attend the public high school, they will be in the same grade.

This character sheet will be updated as needed.

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