Thursday, June 26, 2008

Melinda "Big Melly" Mills

Melly is very tall. Freakishly impossibly tall. Basketball hoops come up to her hips, and most people are only a bit taller than her knees. She looks down on giraffes, and has to bend down to peek into a second-story window. She's just a bit shy of 18 feet, and nobody else has ever been anywhere near as tall as that.

Worried for her safety, Melly's parents kept her sheltered from public view in the middle acres of their family farm. Melly lived in the barn from age seven on, having outgrown her parents' house, and was content to tend to the dairy cows and read books her mother borrowed for her from the public library.

Ma died when Melly was twelve. Pa passed away in her fifteenth year, and Melly suddenly found herself alone in a world that knew nothing of her existence--until the day she strolled into town and caused a bit of a scene. The name of her blog is taken from that day's newspaper headline: "Giant girl rampages through town".

Melly has been taken in by the Appletons, who own an orchard adjacent to Mills Farm, which makes it convenient for her to continue caring for her beloved cows. She is being tutored by her physician, Dr. Crisp, and expects to attend public school for the first time, starting in the fall.

This character sheet will update with new information as needed.

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