Sunday, June 29, 2008

Dream Boy

Melly sometimes fantasizes about a "dream boy" who would be tall enough that she would need to stand on tip-toes to kiss him. Over a sequence of dreams the boy, who she has nicknamed Dream Boy, has invited Melly to run away with him to the Island of the Tall Ones where all the inhabitants are tall like them and where Melly would be welcomed as a queen.

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Dream Boy promises, in a dream, to help Melly obtain clothing in her size. Shortly thereafter, a crate of custom-sized clothing arrives from a company called GlomCorp, with whom Mr. Appleton has been talking about providing Melly with a corporate sponsorship. In the crate is a letter with a message from Dream Boy, written in vanishing ink, stating that the price of GlomCorp's involvement is that Melly and Dream Boy can no longer be together in their dreams--although Dream Boy hopes they are able to meet someday in real life.

Melly is unsure whether the message is a prank, a trick of her mind, or just maybe the real thing. When she goes looking for Dream Boy in her dreams, she does not find him.

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